Asset Management Advice

deVere Acuma Botswana can help you get a hold of your finances and advise on appropriate products to invest your capital in. We will create a personalised financial plan based on your present and future requirements, to ensure your capital is allocated in the most suitable assets to achieve the returns you desire. 

Whilst all clients have different financial goals, it is also important for us to establish their attitude towards risk, as all investments have the potential for capital loss, as well as appreciation. Therefore, your financial adviser will conduct a detailed review of your existing assets, your current requirements and your future needs. Any wealth management plan and subsequent investments will be based on this assessment.

As part of a wider group that has relationships with some of the world’s top institutions, deVere Acuma Botswana has access to exclusive products and resources from large fund managers and banks. We only ever use professional, well-respected managers who perform as instructed, to monitor your investments’ performance to ensure they are achieving the objectives you have set out. If required, we can rebalance your portfolio should your circumstances change, which will be highlighted by the regular reviews we have with you, our trusted client.