Botswana – U.S. relationship remains strong.

12 Jul 2019

Botswana will continue its partnership with the U.S. and is grateful for the support that it has received from the ally nation. The two countries have been helping each other, especially in important areas related to the progression and facilitating the people’s lives. 

During the commemoration of the 243rd anniversary of US independence in Gaborone, Member of Parliament, Nonofo Molefhi explained, ‘In this context, Botswana remains highly appreciative of the invaluable support rendered by the US government in many areas, including health. It is thus pleasing to note that the US President’s Emergency Plan for HIV/AIDS Relief Assistance (PEPFAR) has been extended until the year 2023.’  

Speaking on the Minister of International Affairs and Cooperation’s behalf, Molefhi expressed his gratitude towards the U.S. for the help in education and capacity building. He said, ‘We are excited to establish partnerships and cooperation programmes with various US institutions and renowned universities such as Rutgers, Stanford and Yale in pursuit of our priority objective of making Botswana a knowledge-based and competitive economy.’  

In addition, he confirmed that the relationship between the two nations is still strong and healthy, stating, ‘Our two countries enjoy excellent relations anchored on shared and most revered values of democracy, development, rule of law and respect for human rights. In this regard, the US has been and remains a strategic partner in Botswana’s development.’