Bokomo Botswana donates P1m to mitigate pandemic impact

22 Apr 2020

In order to mitigate the impact that the fast-spreading coronavirus, Bokomo Botswana has donated P1million worth of Champion Sorghum to the Botswana government. The donation will help those affected by the pandemic, ending up poverty or lacking food. The Botswana government has been looking at ways to help such individuals in this challenging time. 

Bokomo Botswana, manufactures maize, wheat, sugar and sorghum and give them out up to 650 product lines of pioneer foods, launched its new Champion Sorghum product at the start of last month. 

“Our nation, as with the rest of the region and globally is being severely impacted by the COVID-19 virus.  When our government announced that a relief fund has been established, we began to mobilize our production teams in order to support national efforts,” said Bokomo’s CEO, Wener de Beer.

“As Bokomo we understand our “bigger picture” role during these abnormal times. We remain fully committed to our contribution towards national food security and take this responsibility very seriously.  We have also put measures in place to safeguard the welfare of our team members so that we can have continued production and supply during these unprecedented times.” 

The Botswana Government launched its Covid-19 Feeding Scheme, aimed to alleviate the hunger created by the Covid-19 crisis. The manufacturer has vowed to continue working with the government throughout the pandemic. 

“I would like to acknowledge and commend the entire Bokomo team for their dedication, diligence and efforts they make on a daily basis to ensure continued 24-hour production in these perilous times. Their efforts have enabled the company to make this donation. We stand united as one with the nation in the fight against the Coronavirus and are also optimistic that together, we shall overcome”.