Botswana to focus on developing quality of goods and services

23 May 2023

Plans are in place to boost the quality of goods and services produced in Botswana in a bid to boost economic growth, according to the country’s Ministry of Trade and Industry.

This follows approval of the National Quality Policy by Botswana’s parliament last year, said ministry spokesperson, Oarabile Phefo. 

“The main objective of the policy is to ensure that the quality of Botswanan goods and services is designed to match the needs, expectations and requirements of producers, retailers and consumers,” Phefo commented during a plenary workshop of the ministry. 

Phefo went on to say that the policy is essential to the wider industrial, diversification and export strategies aiming to develop high quality products and services. The plans aim to boost trade and economic development concurrently, safeguarding health and safety as well as caring for the environment.

In addition, Botswana’s Minister of Trade and Industry, Mmusi Kgafela said at a similar event that the country will boost quality supervision, improve the protection of intellectual property rights and tackle the manufacturing and selling of counterfeit goods.

Furthermore, businesses will be urged to uphold the “entrepreneurial spirit” and “craftsman spirit”, as well as improve their core competitiveness and quality management via brand-building, the country’s Minister of Trade and Industry went on to say.

Mmusi Kgafela added that by improving the quality of products and services, Botswana will also foster closer links with major trading partners.