New firm launched to promote tech in business

30 Jan 2020

A company in Botswana is working to encourage technology and instil an interest in the growing technological sector. Eugene Markus, from Maun, has set up HLG to help the younger generation do business in an easier way. 

"I believe our services would also encourage trading at a continental level. Although we are still focusing in the Ngamiland area, but our goal is to take the company nationally to address the issue of lack of market,” Markus said. 

The main purpose for HLS is to act as an e-commerce platform for entrepreneurs – current and aspiring ones – who are interested in advertising their goods and services online. The business, which has been running for just two months, offers its services for all types of purchasable goods. 

So far, it has managed to secure deals with corporate institutions; accommodation facilities and beauty spas. 

The business will help push other firms promote their products better – and will offer the aid that government programmes may not have. 

Markus emphasised how people from Botswana are good at trading and explained how his business will facilitate this and allow for a bigger network. 

Furthermore, HLG’s Aron Kgope added that the company will help others grow and boost the country’s employment opportunities.